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Artificial Intelligence Solutions for your Organization

Innovation is Our Passion! Crowdbitz brings you creative solutions on time and on target.

Cloud Services

Crowdbitz uses cloud based services such as Computer Vision and Natural Language to bring AI to your operations.

Machine Learning

Continuous improvement comes through testing, feedback, and machine learning. You apps improve over time.

Built to Fit

Solutions sized and targeted to your organization. You control branding, capability and output.

Custom AI Development

Crowdbitz Inc. can create custom Artificial Intelligence application for your organization. From simple chat bots, to fully cognitively enabled applications, we deliver AI to you.


Data Analysis and Visualization

We have years of experience in working with data from multiple sources. Crowdbitz can assist you in generating up to date and ongoing Reporting, Analysis and Visualization of data.

Cloud Migration

Whether you need to move resources to the Cloud or back down again to your own data centre, Crowdbitz can assist with formulating, planning and executing your Cloud Migration Strategy.


Work Process

Crowdbitz will work directly with your organization to build AI that enhances your operations.


Our consultants will meet with you to to discuss and plan your project.


We will design to your requirements, with data generated during consultation.


Testing during and after design will guide development and ensure success.

Reporting and Improvement

Testing and Machine Learning can be harnessed to provide continual improvement


Cognitive Services


Cups of Tea




Lines of Code


Latest Blog & News

The Crowdbitz Blog contains all of our posts. It is also published to LinkedIn and Medium