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About Crowdbitz

What does Crowdbitz do ?

Crowdbitz builds, deploys and maintains artificially intelligent applications and cloud services. We can also provide consulting for AI and cloud based projects.

Crowdbitz is located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. However Crowdbitz is an international company, and is happy to do business with clients througout the world. We are a Canadian Federal Corporation, and therefore able to do business throughout Canada.

No you do not. Crowdbitz can assist your organization is setting up your cloud accounts and services, or we can host you within our cloud environment.

Crowdbitz can assist your organization with cloud migrations, cloud services, remote deployment and support, and data transformation and visualization.

About Chat Bots

A custom chat bot allows you to build and control the personality and branding of your bot. As a customer service representative, you want the bot to truly represent your organization. It also allows you to continue to train and grow your bot over time, and own that IP.

Yes, chat bots can send SMS (text), MMS (multimedia messages, i.e iPhone), email, update databases, create tickets, etc.

Yes, chat bots can be trained by your organization. Natural Language and Machine Learning can be harnessed to improve a bot. Furthermore, bots can be fed information such as how to documents and faq files.

Yes they can. They can be controlled with voice, recognize a person by voice, as well as make and answer phone calls.

Yes, a chat bot can use multiple systems to escalate or hand off to a human.

About Artificial Intelligence

Yes you can. Cloud providers have many data centres throughout the world. For example within Canada it is possible to store all identifying and demographic data within Canadian based data centres.

AI can take care of alot of heavy lifting for your organization, such as form processing and data extraction or image analysis and sorting. It can also provide new capabilities such as voice or facial recognition and crowd management.

Computer Vision is a Cognitive Services that allows cameras to recognize faces, count people and other tasks. It can also be used to identify specific situations, such as a fire at a gas station or someone brandishing a gun.

An IoT camera can work with computer vision and other systems to provide immedate feedback. For example, a camera could be setup to identify the number of people in a store, and alert the manager when the number is beyond safey limits.

Natural Language is a Cognitive Services that enables you to create a very rich set of responses for a bot without having to generate thousands of lines of code.

Machine Learning takes many forms. Its primary use is to create models for other services, such as Computer Vision. For example, you can create a ML model to identify characteristics of vehicles in images.

Most AI services are located in the cloud. This is because the largest vendors (Microsoft, Amazon, Google etc) are creating the resources in the cloud. It is possible to have a local container with AI, but it lacks the advantages of cloud connectivity.

AI can be used to read paper or digital forms, extract data from forms, and verify whether the form has been filled out in a valid way. It can be trained to alert users on documents that require human intervention, freeing employees to focus issues rather than sorting.

Yes, the final product will belong to your organization, and you will be able to migrate it to your own cloud environment. If a product is developed, for example, on Azure, then likely you will need to keep it within Azure for it to work properly, but you will be able to migrate, clone, improve and scale up the application.

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